Phygital insurance broker

IN&CO Insurance is an insurance broker and addresses all entrepreneurs, companies and independents, contractors and employees, but also individuals.

Our strengths:

- independent, equidistant status, which allows us to represent you and to negotiate freely with the insurance companies we work with,

- excellent collaboration with prestigious insurance companies recognized as such,

- solid experience gained in the field of insurance over time,

- a dynamic team of consultants, very well-trained, certified as such by official institutions, passionate about their profession, for which the interests of clients are paramount,

- we offer quality information, the most appropriate insurance, accessible, with national and international coverage, depending on the specifics of each client, and last but not least

- we permanently adopt the latest communication tools/applications in the relations with our clients, applications made available by the latest innovations in the field of digital technology, which allow and guarantee efficient management of the situation of each client.

No one is neglected!

We keep up with the times we all live in, because time, the most important capital that each of us has, must work in favor of our customers, for everyone!

The core of our business is the customer, and we are happy when we manage to think outside the box for its benefit!

Is it unusual? Of course! But it is extremely effective! The future is on our side!

Stay close!

Sergiu COROI


02 395 53 67