EIP for companies

What is EIP for companies?

Do you want to build up a comfortable supplementary pension while reducing your company's tax base?

This is entirely possible thanks to the Individual Pension Commitment. EIP allows you to save for your retirement without taking any risks and benefiting from attractive tax advantages. PIE is considered a business expense for your company.

What's more, your PIE will also be able to provide your financial protection thanks to the death, guaranteed income and hospitalization guarantees that you can provide.

Other significant advantages:

Single premium funding options for past service
Possibilities of advances (real estate reasons)
In addition, the EIP is the preferred vehicle for any outsourcing of internal pension provision (new measures in this area released at the end of 2011).


Being an independent manager
Receive monthly and regular compensation
The investment must comply with the 80% rule (see below)


Each payment made on your EIP contract has a double return:

A guaranteed base rate varying between 0% and 3.25% (depending on your risk aversion). The base rate in effect at the time of payment is guaranteed for your payment until the end of the contract.


An annual bonus. This bonus is voted annually by insurance companies and increases your base rate. You can invest this bonus at the basic rate in force (branch 21) or in one or more investment funds (branch 23)

Annually, you will receive an inventory showing the amounts paid in the year, the interest acquired (base rate + bonus) as well as the pension capital projected at the end.

Tax benefit ?

Each year, your company determines the amount allocated to your EIP, taking into account the 80% rule. Your company then deducts the EIP premium as a professional charge.

Payments: the 80% rule

The tax ceiling authorized each year for your investments in EIP depends on the 80% tax rule:

that is to say that your full pension (= legal pension + extra-legal pensions) must not exceed 80% of your last normal gross annual remuneration for a full career.

We can estimate this amount for you.

Additional tailor-made covers

You are free to choose your “risk” guarantees from 4 optional coverages:

Guaranteed income in the event of illness / disability
Death benefit
Exemption from premium payments during periods of disability
Hospital cover

Did you know that… ?

The tax benefits of your EIP can be combined with those of other individual supplementary pensions:

1. Pension savings
2. long-term savings
3. the complementary free pension for self-employed
4. Inami benefits for the medical profession


An advantageous tax of 10% (+ additional municipal) will be levied on your 65th birthday on the contractual capital
(not on bonuses!). In addition, an Inami deduction of 3.55% as well as a solidarity contribution will be levied on the entire capital.

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