INAMI for doctors

Social status

As a registered doctor, you can benefit from "social status". This social status allows you to constitute an annuity or a pension, in the event of retirement, death or possibly disability.

What is social status?

Depending on your choice, the social status of the doctor consists of:

either an annual contribution paid to a company or an approved body with which you have concluded a contract to constitute an annuity or a pension in the event of retirement and / or death and / or invalidity.

or a right reserved with our Health Care Service for a pension in the event of retirement and / or death.
Warning ! This system of reserved rights is disappearing. From the 2017 application year, you can only reserve a pension right with our service if you have already done so for a previous application year.

What are the conditions to benefit from social status?

To benefit from social status, you must fulfill all of the following conditions:

You must adhere to the national medico-mutual benefit agreement in force:
either for the exercise of your complete professional activity
either under the conditions of time and place that you have communicated to us.

You must join the agreement for the entire year, except for the year in which you received your 1st INAMI number.

You must have actually carried out your activity within the framework of the law relating to compulsory health care insurance, and this, for the entire year. The ineffective periods and all exceptions to the conditions of effective exercise of the activity are set by the regulations (art. 1).

As of the 2017 application year, you must have attested to the compulsory health care insurance a minimum reimbursement amount for services included in the nomenclature (activity threshold). This minimum amount to be certified varies according to the specialty. We verify this on the basis of your profile data for year x-2 (reference year, x being the year of application).

You must not have certified a minimum amount during the reference year if you are in one of these situations:

During the reference year, you had followed an internship or basic training as a doctor
As of January 1 of the reference year, you have had an INAMI number of certified general practitioner or certified specialist for less than 5 years.

When we check your activity threshold, we neutralize the effects of incapacity for work, childbirth or paternity leave.
If you do not reach the activity threshold (according to your profile data) or if you only reach the reduced threshold, you can request that your specific situation be assimilated to the situation of doctors who attest sufficient benefits in the compulsory health insurance.

What happens if you have taken or will soon take your statutory pension?

Due to a change in pension law, we can no longer make payments for social type pension agreements within the meaning of PLCI regulations. It depends on your specific situation:

During the year of application, you continue your activity and you do not take your statutory pension when you were in the conditions to benefit from it.
In this case, you can continue to claim the annual subscription.

During the year of application, you continue to exercise and you took your statutory pension before January 1, 2016.
In this case, you can continue to claim the annual subscription provided that:

your pension agreement was concluded before January 1, 2016 and the supplementary pension benefit will not be paid in 2018.
During the year of application, you continue to exercise and you took your statutory pension after January 1, 2016 or you will take it during the year of application.
In this case, we cannot temporarily pay you an annual subscription. Consultation is underway to determine what social benefit will be provided instead. If you are in this situation, we ask you temporarily not to submit a request. As soon as the new regulations are ready, we will communicate the adapted procedure to you on this web page.

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