Car insurance

When your car is involved in a traffic accident in Belgium or in one of the countries listed on your green card, auto insurance in civil liability will intervene to compensate the victims

The Civil Liability auto insurance guarantees you, in the event of an accident at fault, compensation for material damage and bodily injury caused to others

The subscription of this insurance is compulsory in Belgium: a law imposes on any owner of a car traveling on the public highway the subscription of a car insurance contract.

You should know that if you are the victim of a traffic accident and that you are not responsible for it, it is the car insurance company of the driver declared responsible who will intervene to compensate you. And if the driver at fault does not have an insurance contract, or could not be identified, it is the Automobile Guarantee Fund that will be likely to intervene.


Mini omnium insurance covers damage to your vehicle for which no one is responsible, such as a crack in your windshield or damage caused by heavy hail. The mini omnium supplements auto liability insurance which only covers damage caused to third parties. This type of insurance generally combines the following four guarantees: fire, broken windows, animals and forces of nature. Sometimes it is also possible to choose to add the theft option, but this option will increase your insurance premium, however.

Mini-Omnium +

This insurance is similar to the mini-omnium but with a little more. This little extra is compensation in the event of total loss.

What does "total loss" mean?
The total technical loss is when your vehicle is declared "technically irreparable" by an expert, the total economic loss is when the repair costs are higher than the real value of the vehicle, and finally we have theft. If your car has been stolen and has not been found within 30 days.

Full Omnium

What is omnium insurance?

Full omnium insurance is the most comprehensive insurance we can offer you for your car, so it's auto insurance that allows you to sleep on your two ears! This insurance compensates for damage caused to your vehicle, whether you are at fault or legally.

What is the difference between a full omnium insurance and a mini omnium?

This difference is more obvious for the damage for which you are responsible, which occurred to your vehicle. This own damage is covered by full omnium insurance, but not by the mini omnium. Take for example an accident in your car. Your auto liability insurance compensates the opposing party. On the other hand, you are only compensated for damage caused to your own vehicle if you have a full omnium.

What does full omnium insurance cover?

Full omnium includes all the guarantees of the mini omnium, to which is added a fifth guarantee.
This warranty covers:
The damage you cause to your vehicle. Example: if you hit a garage door or a panel;
Damage caused by an act of vandalism; damage to your car during a disputed accident.
Damage caused by an unknown opposing party (hit and run)
What does omnium insurance not cover?
Three types of damage are excluded by full omnium insurance:
Damage caused by the objects transported, by their (un) loading or by the overloading of the vehicle.
Tire damage, unless other parts of your vehicle were also damaged in the same accident;
Damage caused by wear or obvious poor maintenance of the car;

You have to be careful because personal injuries to the driver are not compensated by omnium insurance. To cover this risk, you must take out conductive insurance. Similarly, to obtain assistance in the event of a breakdown or legal disputes, other insurance is necessary.

Why is comprehensive omnium insurance also useful in the event of a legal accident?

1) To be compensated more quickly.
If the opposing party is responsible for the damage that you have suffered, these will be compensated by the third party auto insurance. However, in the event of a dispute or a hit and run, you sometimes have to wait a long time. This is where your omnium insurance comes into play; it does not first seek to establish responsibility for the accident: it compensates you without delay.

2) To obtain higher compensation.
Omnium insurance compensates you for the agreed value in the event of total loss (if your contract so stipulates). This is the value of the vehicle agreed with the insurer.

This agreed value is generally higher than the actual value. This is the value of your car just before the accident

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