Death insurance

What is death insurance

Death insurance, unlike funeral insurance useful to cover funeral costs (up to € 10,000 and therefore inexpensive), is taken out to ensure payment of a large sum of money and thus to provide a future for the people the deceased leaves behind after his death.

The capital paid by the death insurance company will depend on the age of the insured person (therefore the risk of death) as well as the amount of the monthly contribution. Death insurance for a few tens of euros per month guarantees a capital of several tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros.

Life insurance, on the contrary, is a financial investment with interest, at the end of the contract, the subscriber recovers his investment (or part) with the corresponding interest.

When to subscribe?

We do not subscribe to this type of life insurance, generally we do it for a specific reason and as long as this reason lasts. For example, you have just taken out a large loan for two years, you will take out death insurance for a capital equal to the amount of the loan, so if you happen to be unhappy your family could repay this loan immediately and not be responsible for it while you are no longer there to pay the monthly payment. We can also take out death insurance to finance your children's education or otherwise in the event of the disappearance of the insurance subscriber.

Possible for years, but not 100% suitable
The possibility of taking out death insurance is a formula which is tempting more and more people for all the privileges it presents.

But what caused this turnaround? What are the advantages that encourage people to take out this original insurance policy?
Death insurance is provided to avoid financial difficulties caused by the death of the subscriber. It is an insurance contract intended for anyone under 65 years of age. However, there are companies that take out policyholders over the age of 65 at more expensive rates given the risk the insurance company faces on the possible death of the underwriter.

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