Juridic protection

Legal protection insurance is a contract, of insurance, allowing a private, professional, community or association client to limit certain legal costs and to be assisted by a lawyer in order to defend their rights in the context of a dispute. who opposes it to a third party.

The client who has legal protection traditionally has access to three types of services:

A digital information service or by telephone, prior to litigation. This is generic legal information, not personal advice, which is the monopoly of lawyers.
When a dispute arises, the insured is accompanied by a lawyer who defends his rights and seeks by his side a solution in the best of his interests, both on an amicable and a judicial level.
The assumption of certain legal costs, according to a scale provided for contractually. This means that for his litigation, a client could benefit from the assumption by his insurer of the costs of court assistants (fees of lawyers, bailiffs, legal experts ...).
The contract concluded between the client and the insurer governs the application of legal protection guarantees. Thus, it delimits the areas of intervention of the insurer and its terms. The contract also provides for exclusions from guarantees (for example in the event of civil war, or intentional offenses, etc.), and may indicate a waiting period (which means that once the contract is concluded, its entry into force will apply after a fixed period).

The contractual document which contains all this information is called general conditions. The customer is also given special conditions at the time of subscription. This document mentions the particular situation of the insured (address, date of subscription, chosen formula, etc.).

Legal protection makes it possible, by subscription to a contract, to access the law. It cannot be combined with legal aid, which has a social mission of access to the law.

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