Child savings

What is child savings?

More and more caring parents who are concerned about the future of their children are thinking of opening a savings book from birth. Others say they can still wait a few years to start saving for children. But know one thing: the sooner a child savings is created, the longer it will bear fruit. For people who are not yet convinced about the need for child savings, here are 6 good reasons to change your mind:

Saving in a bank pays more than a piggy bank: even with a low rate of remuneration, saving children in a bank is always more prolific than a cute little pink piggy bank.
Helping your children prepare for their future: capitalizing on children's savings will make it easier to start life as an adult, whatever your projects and desires.
Funding studies: although mostly free, a child may choose to go to a specific course with high tuition fees. And at a minimum, you will have to find accommodation and food.
Gain autonomy:
Financing the start of independence with a first home or a car
Learn to manage your savings accounts on your own.
Protect from the vagaries of life by building a simple precautionary savings

Associating the entourage with savings: savings for children are largely made up by family or friends (check offered as gifts for birth, birthday, baptism or even on the initiative of some such as grandparents to contribute to the education of small children). So it’s good to have a savings medium so that you can store money for your child.

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