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The head office.

IN&CO is a private limited liability company registered under number BE 0567586986 with its registered office at Brusselstraat 244 at B-1702 Groot-Bijgarden and whose operating office is located at Brusselstraat 368 at B-1702 Groot-Bijgarden.

Telephone: +32 (0) 2 395 53 67

Supervisory authority

Our office is registered under the number 0567586986 in the category of insurance brokers in the register of insurance intermediaries kept by the FSMA whose head office is located at Rue du Congrès 12-14 in 1000 Brussels and which can be consulted on the website www.

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Law and jurisdiction

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For financial services which are concluded at a distance, consumer protection measures similar to those provided for "traditional" distance contracts apply, namely information obligations and a legal right of withdrawal. These protective measures have been adapted to take into account the subject of these contracts, namely financial services.

It is mandatory to have pre-contractual information on:
- insurance company;
- financial service ;
- distance contract;
- remedies (extrajudicial remedies).

What is the distance contract?

This is the set of rights and obligations between you and Solidas regarding the subscription via the internet of an insurance contract.

The concept of "financial services" must be taken in a very broad sense: it relates in particular to (art. I.8, 18 ° CDE)
- banking services,
- the insurance,
- the granting of credit,
- individual pensions,
- investments and
- payments.

Before being bound by an offer, you must also be clearly informed about the possibility or not of having a right of withdrawal.

Withdrawal period

(Companies - art. VI.47 to 53 CDE // Liberal professions - art. XIV.29 to 35 CDE // art. 57, §5 Insurance law)

For any distance contract, except in special situations, the consumer has a right of withdrawal. The insurance company has the same right.

Books VI and XIV provide that the consumer who has signed a distance contract has a right of withdrawal.

Books VI and XIV CDE provide in particular:
- a withdrawal period of 14 calendar day

- a form that can be used to easily retract;
- the possibility of withdrawing when the execution of a service contract has started during the withdrawal period;
- the terms of reimbursement;
- the terms and possible costs of returning the goods;
- situations in which the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised;

Intended to protect the consumer, the insurance contract concluded at a distance has a withdrawal period which varies according to the nature of the contract concluded.

When does the withdrawal period start?

The withdrawal period begins:
- For sales contracts, from the day after the day on which the consumer or the third party designated by the consumer, takes physical possession of the goods except in special cases provided for in Books VI and XIV of the Code of Economic Law.
- In the case of multiple goods or goods made up of lots that are part of a single order but delivered separately, from the day after taking possession of the last good or last lot.
- In the event of regular delivery of goods for a specified period of time, from the day after taking possession of the first good.
- For service contracts, from the day after the day of conclusion of the contract. The insurance contract is concluded when the insurance company receives the acceptance of the policyholder.

How can you retract?

The consumer informs the company or the person exercising a liberal profession of his decision to withdraw from the contract, before the expiration of the withdrawal period of 14 calendar days, by sending him:
- a withdrawal form, a model of which is available on our site. You can download the document by following the following link: WITHDRAWAL FORM.
- or a declaration clearly stating the will to withdraw from the contract.

The notification of the right of withdrawal must be made in writing or on a durable medium which is available to the recipient.
- The termination from the policyholder comes into effect at the time of notification.
- The termination which comes from the insurance company does not take effect until eight days after its notification.

The contracts for which the right of withdrawal applies cannot take effect before the end of the 14 days without the agreement of the subscriber therefore the contract is deemed to take effect after the expiration of the period of 14 days unless otherwise requested by the subscriber.

The deadline is respected if the notification of the exercise of the right of withdrawal has been sent before the expiration of the deadline.

Remote financial services

Examples: Any service relating to banking, credit, insurance, payments and investments, using a remote communication technique.

Exceptions: Among others:
- Financial services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market over which the supplier has no influence, which are likely to occur during the withdrawal period.
- Contracts executed in full by both parties at the request of the consumer before he exercises his right of withdrawal.
- Mortgage credit contracts.


Withdrawal period :
- 14 calendar days,
- 30 days for life insurance and individual pensions.

Notes: In the event of withdrawal, the consumer can only be required to pay for the service actually provided by the supplier.

Insurance contracts other than life insurance
No protection at European level but at Belgian level: Withdrawal period of 14 days from receipt by the insurer of the insurance policy for any insurance contract of a duration greater than 30 days and provided that the consumer has signed a policy presigned by the insurer.